February fundraiser benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation


Tickets Sold: 300

Every fundraising effort for Make-A-Wish honors the memory of Jackson who passed away in 2012 after battling glioblastoma -- the most deadly form of brain cancer. February 26 would be Jackson's 22nd birthday. We'll try to raise $2,200 by February 26 in honor of his birthday. By entering the raffle drawing, you'll make a much needed difference in the lives of children battling serious illnesses such as cancer. The fundraising effort directly benefits the Make-A-Wish chapter that Jackson supported during his fight against terminal cancer in 2011-2012.
* Raffle prize winners to be drawn by Rayce and Ryin on February 27.
* Raffle is open to U.S. mailing addresses only.

RAFFLE ENTRY (Entry Deadline Passed)

TICKETS: $6/ea. [limit 324 total tix]

Entry Procedures
1. Visit the Donation page. Select "Donate Now" below the Fight On for Jackson text.
2. Enter your donation amount based on your number of raffle tickets (ex. 4 tickets = $24)
3. You will receive a confirmation email with your ticket numbers. Note: This is a manual process. Email will be sent within 12 hours of your donation.


1. -Prize #1 - Won by Jim Van Hooser #108
* AUTOGRAPHED Jeff Gordon 1995 championship hat (NEW condition w tags)
* AUTOGRAPHED Jeff Gordon/Mark Martin 1991 Carolina Ford diecast set
* Jeff Gordon 2020 Axalta 1:87 scale diecasts

2. -Prize #2 - Won by Bobbi Bird #111
* AUTOGRAPHED - Jeff Gordon: Racing Back To The Front (2003 autobiography)
Jeff signed the title page of the book

3. -Prize #3 - Won by Jeff Drake #64
* AUTOGRAPHED Jeff Gordon 1992 Baby Ruth hero card
* 1996 Jeff Gordon Fan Club sticker

4. -Prize #4 - Won by Thomas Hunt #269
* AUTOGRAPHED by Jeff Gordon: Oct 1994 Charlotte pole night (unused) ticket
* AUTOGRAPHED by Ray Evernham: Pepsi Racing card
* AUTOGRAPHED Alex Bowman hero card

5. -Prize #5 - Won by Angus Bedard #289
* AUTOGRAPHED Jeff Gordon 2022 Panini Donruss race card
* Jeff Gordon 1991 Trakks rookie race card
* Jeff Gordon 1992 Maxx race card

6. -Prize #6 - Won by Judy Succi #10
* Jeff Gordon 'The Young Series' metal 3-card set (RARE!)
* 1992 Jeff Gordon Baby Ruth metal card
* 1992 Jeff Gordon Traks rookie card
* 2002 Jeff Gordon Fan Club member card

7. -Prize #7 - Won by Kelly Miles #50
* AUTOGRAPHED by Jeff Gordon: 1995 color 8x10 photo
* 1994 Hendrick Motorsports hero card
* 1997 Jeff Gordon Pepsi card
* 1999 Jeff Gordon Pepsi card

8. -Prize #8 - Won by Rose Chopp-Harju #122
* AUTOGRAPHED Jeff Gordon 2022 Donruss Race Kings card
* 1993 Jeff Gordon National Fan Club member diecast
* 1995 Jeff Gordon National Fan Club member diecast

9. -Prize #9 - Won by Valerie Hammacher #233
* 1994 Jeff Gordon Daytona pit road 8x10 photo
* 1998 Jeff Gordon National Fan Club race card
* 1995 Hendrick Motorsports hero card
* January 1998 Jeff Gordon National Fan Club newsletter
* January 1999 Jeff Gordon National Fan Club newsletter

10. -Prize #10 - Won by John Barnett #175
* AUTOGRAPHED by Richard Petty: 1992 North Wilkesboro #43 diecast
* 1993 Jeff Gordon Young Guns #24 diecast
* 1996 Jeff Gordon High Performance diecast

11. -Prize #11 - Won by Kylie Mattson #121
* 1995, 1996, and 1997 Jeff Gordon hero cards

12. -Prize #12 - Won by Sara Fairbanks #98
* Jeff Gordon: On A Chance. Book will be personalized to the winner by Maureen Harris
(Maureen co-founded the Jeff Gordon National Fan Club and shares her experiences)

Special Thanks:

  • Every donor for making an incredible difference in the lives of children battling serious illnesses such as cancer.

    QUESTIONS: For questions about the raffle, please email Larry.

    When Jackson Panzarello was 9 years old, he participated in a fundraising effort for Make-A-Wish to help a local child fulfill a wish. This was an organization he believed in and personally supported. Cancer stole his life in June 2012, but his everlasting legacy continues through the incredible difference we've made in so many lives through charity fundraising. Make-A-Wish is 501(c)(3) organization. All donations may be tax-deductible in the United States.

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