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Brandon Allen
Las Vegas, Nevada

Brandon Allen

I want to tell you why i'm a diehard fan of Jeff Gordon. First thing that got me started being a Jeff Gordon Fan was when i started following NASCAR in 1996. A friend of mine is a racecar driver and we would hang out at his house on Sundays and watch all the Winston Cup races and i picked up on Jeff Gordon because he is a young and talented driver first off. I mean he is one of the youngest drivers in winston cup racing and has been driving since he was pretty much old enough to walk. I really admire someone who has the dedication to start with something like that at an early age and keep with it for as many years as he has. Most people would have grown tired of the same thing and quit long before. I also believe he is a great person for all the charities that he supports and for all the people he helps. He is not a selfish person and if he does lose he always has good things to say about all the other drivers. That is just a little of why i'm a DIE HARD Jeff Gordon fan.

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