Behind The Flames

'Behind The Flames' are stories of JG fans written by the fans themselves. In NASCAR racing these days, it's not always popular to pull for the winner. The fans featured aren't "bandwagon" fans that will gravitate to another driver should Jeff Gordon stop winning. They're diehards; they're in it for the long haul. If you'd like to participate, email a photo (under 50k) along with a brief description on why you're a fan. Please keep the description under 300 words.


Desiree and D-Ray - Texas


Why Are You A Jeff Gordon Fan? (general question)

R.C. Jones - New York

In memory of Ron Kumitch - Canada


Dustin and Sara White - Indiana

Timothy Wolking - Georgia

Kenneth and Carla King - Knoxville, Tennessee

Steve Nibbelink - Center Point, Iowa

Justin Miller - Biloxi, Mississippi

Kerry Lynn - Colorado Springs, Colorado


Steve Smelcer - Prospect, Virginia

Rebecca Deavu - Ontario, Canada

David Caplan - Elmendorf, Texas

Anita Silvestro - Columbia, South Carolina


Michael - Richmond, Virginia

Rich McCabe - Des Moines, Iowa

Jeffrey Nelson - St. Mary's County, Maryland

Art Short - Columbus, Ohio

Tom Godfrey - St. Louis, Missouri

Jenni Thompson - Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Kameron and Rodney Shaw - Beaumont, Texas

David and Vickie Cox - New Orleans, Louisiana

Perry Sorrels - New Castle, Delaware

George and Sandy Champlin - San Jacinto, California

Brent Kneebush - Pittsford, Michigan


Dennis Jones - Modesto, California

Margie Norman - Cincinnati, Ohio

Melissa Jeffers - Port Clinton, Ohio

Sherrie and Roy Mijares - Indianapolis, Indiana


Jonathan Marino - Vero Beach, Florida

Brandon Allen - Las Vegas, Nevada

Shannon Taylor - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Avery Woodall - Scottsboro, Alabama

Lisa Haman - Minot, North Dakota

Steven Thomas - Keystone Heights, Florida

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