Diehard Fans

George and Sandy Champlin
San Jacinto, California

George and Sandy Champlin

The reason we are diehard Jeff Gordon fans is because of the phenomenal person he is. We first became aware of Jeff in his sprint car and Silver Crown racing days on ESPN's Thunder telecasts. We were so impressed with his amazing ability on the track coupled with his impressive maturity and humility in front of the camera. It was hard to believe this was all wrapped up in one person so young. We first met Jeff in 1993 at a Fan Club Event in Phoenix. Since then we have hosted Fan Club Events in Phoenix, Fontana and twice in Las Vegas. With all his success and fame, Jeff is still the down to earth, sincere, caring person that we met so many years ago. What he gives back to his fans is so special. That is why we are so proud to be his diehard fans.

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