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Sherrie and Roy Mijares
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sherrie and Roy Mijares

We reside in "The Racing Capital of the World", otherwise known as Indianapolis,Indiana. I have been a Jeff Gordon fan since his open wheel days. No bandwagon fan here, I'm in it for the duration. I'm a truck driver and my truck is adorned with various Gordon items. My C.B. handle is "Rainbow Warrior." Formerly "Java Junkie" pre-1993. I drive for Knight Transportation in Indy and normally run from Indy to the east coast and back. We have a 15 yr. old son whom is also a Jeff Gordon fan. Our 17 yr. old daughter couldn't care less about racin'. But, we still love her anyway! I always take my vacation the week of the Brickyard. So I'll be looking for all my fellow Gordon fans at Indy this year. I know, you're saying to yourself,"That's a Ford truck in the picture," but I'm an Alan Jackson fan too! I'm ready for as many championships as Jeff can get. But, I'm also his fan if he never wins another championship. My dream is to race Jeff myself. Not that I'd win, the interaction is the dream. Good luck, and God Bless you Jeff Gordon.

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